Always A Missioner

Shirley Mendes

Shirley Mendes, class of 1978, Bolivia, Ecuador, United States


At Maryknoll Lay Missioners, we have a saying: “Once a missioner, always a missioner!”

Once you’ve been a missioner, you can never not be a missioner. It’s always a part of you, impacting your life in powerful ways.

That’s why we hope you’ll connect with Always a Missioner, MKLM’s program for Returned Missioners. Through Always a Missioner, it’s easy for you to stay involved or reconnect with MKLM!

We’ve got a calendar full of exciting events coming up, including:

  • MKLM Orientation Class, Jubilee and Regional gatherings.

  • Church dates.

  • Vocational discernment days

  • University fairs.

  • Mission Immersion Trips.

Find out how you can get involved by contacting Debbie Northern, Always a Missioner Manager, Phone: 914-236-3476, or see Your Legacy as a Missioner.