Returned Missioners


“Loving God, when I am hungry, give me someone in need of food.
When I am cold, give me someone to warm.
When I have no time, give me someone I can help for a little while.
When I am in need of understanding, offer me someone to console.”

~ Lisa Jo Looney (Class of 1995, Tanzania, Bolivia, United States)

Dear MKLM Returned Missioners,

If you are like your fellow MKLM Returned Missioners, the time spent overseas as a Maryknoll Lay Missioner was among the most profound and transformative experiences of your life. We frequently hear from Returned Missioners who tell us that they would not be the people they are today – with their ministries, their abilities, their insights, and the communities they inhabit – had it not been for the time they spent in mission.

Below you will find:
Profiles of your fellow Returned Missioners so you can share your news with others who have returned from mission, and stay up-to-date on what’s new with them.
Always a Missioner where you will find dates for upcoming events such as Missioner Jubilees.
Sharing Our Stories – I hope you’ll share yours!
Your Legacy as a Missioner where you can find out how you, as a Returned Missioner, are uniquely qualified to assist MKLM.
Stay connected via the Intranet

Welcome to these pages, and to our growing community of missioners!

In Christ who unites us,

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