Justice and Peace

Many of our missioners work in justice and peace ministries that train leaders in conflict resolution; assist groups working for human rights; promote interreligious dialogue; respond to the needs of immigrants; and support local efforts to dismantle racism, classism, and sexism.

Some of the lay missioners in Kenya, Brazil, El Salvador and Bolivia work in prison systems and with government leaders, introducing methods of restorative justice that train educators and community and church leaders in violence prevention and practices to resolve interpersonal and group conflicts.

Other lay missioners in Brazil, Bolivia and Cambodia assist migrants through difficult processes that include integrating into a new country, navigating bureaucracy and seeking employment across borders, all with the ultimate goal of helping individuals gain financial security, safety, and independence. In working with migrants, our Missioners also help them develop an awareness of human trafficking, which often disguises itself in the form of false hope through fake work opportunities.