Healthcare and Health Promotion

A major area of concern for people living in developing countries is the lack of adequate medical care and health resources, especially for the very poor, the young and the elderly. Many of our lay missioners provide highly skilled care as doctors, nurses, physical therapists, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. They give guidance in helping to build programs and facilities that will have a long‐lasting, sustainable impact in critically poor communities. Their efforts range from preventative care to treatment of unique conditions.

Our missioners offer pre‐natal and immunization clinics to grow awareness of preventative health practices and sick care from Africa to Asia to the Americas. In Tanzania, Kenya, Cambodia, and Bolivia, our missioners help evaluate the needs of the sick and provide medical care and access to rural patients who otherwise would not receive medical services. In Kenya, our missioners help train local health care workers, and in Brazil, we have a lay missioner who offers wellness training to incarcerated mothers that includes discussions on breastfeeding, care of newborns, prevention/treatment of postpartum depression, baby yoga and massage.

Thousands of people living in some of the poorest communities on earth have been helped by the clinics and health care programs and initiatives established by our missioners around the world.