We are all called to be missioners, to share the love and the message of Jesus Christ to others in a broken and wounded world.

We are all called
to be missioners,
to share the love
and the message
of Jesus Christ
to others in a
broken and
wounded world.


Who are Companions in Mission?

Companions in Mission are our generous donor family who give financial gifts on a regular, on-going basis. Not only does their donation cover the expenses involved in housing, feeding and educating our missioners, they also share a deep bond with their benefactors. The support of our sponsors is not just financial – their prayers and encouragement make them truly a part of our spiritual family.

CIMBrochurePhoto2Our lay missioners are agents of hope who give several years or more of their lives to serve the underprivileged as missioners. Our Companions in Mission make it possible to send them to the far corners of the globe, to spread that hope among the hopeless, wherever we are needed, whether it be nutrition programs, medical attention, training in an assortment of skills, or restorative justice. (add more: education, civil and human rights, pastoral ministry and sustainable and economic development?)

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Companion in Mission?

When you respond to a call to become a Companion in Mission, the partnership between you and your missioner is a perfect representation of working together to address both the material and spiritual needs of the world! In a very real way, the missioner sees you as a brother or sister in Christ, praying for you and your intentions.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Your name inscribed in our special hard-bound book of sponsors in the MKLM Chapel.
  • An Annual Mass on the Feast of the Assumption (Founding Day of MKLM) for your special intentions.
  • A special invitation to our Annual Sending ceremony for new missioners in December of each year.
  • A special remembrance and prayers in honor of your birthday.
  • A monthly update letter from the Mission Advancement Director of current mission activities.
  • Special advance notice and invitations to special events and Church talks in your area.
  • A year-end tax letter sent automatically detailing your contributions for tax purposes.

CIMBrochurePhoto3How Do I Become a Companion in Mission?

You can become a Companion in Mission by clicking the button above and filling out our donation form online – you select the amount you want to give and the frequency.  Or call our donor hotline (800-867-2980) during business hours (Eastern time).
(Call the donor hotline number to change your donation amount, payment method or end your sponsorship commitment at any time.)

If you prefer to use the mail, write to Maryknoll Lay Missioners, PO Box 307, Maryknoll, NY 10545; you can use the form included with this brochure:

For those we serve, our Companions in Mission program provides predictable and steady support that promises a better tomorrow.