Mission Orientation Program

Orientation begins in October and runs through mid-December each year and provides new Lay Missioners with the tools they need to succeed in a cross-cultural experience. Following MKLM’s selection process, new missioner candidates receive their country placement prior to arriving at the formal Mission Orientation Program held at MKLM’s operations in Ossining, New York. During the 10-week Orientation program, Lay Missioner Candidates are housed by MKLM and gain education on a number of topics including:

  • MKLM’s history and core values
  • Cross-cultural preparation
  • Theology and Scripture
  • Catholic Social Teaching
  • Spiritual development and prayer exercises
  • Trauma awareness and staying healthy in mission
  • Practical training for conflict resolution and communications
  • Dialogue on racism

In a recently published Catholic News Service article, Joanne Blaney, director of mission services said, “Orientation at MKLM is a continuing exploration of a candidate’s call to mission. The program addresses living with ambiguity and helps to develop openness to new ways of living and using skills.”

The class of 2017 departed for their respective mission sites in early 2018 to participate in the next stage of their orientation to mission, including in-country language training and acculturation.

Class 2017


Class of 2017: (top row, left to right) Margarita Duran (Brazil); Kylene Fremling (Cambodia); Mike Garr (Kenya); Gabrielle Cuda (Tanzania);  (bottom row, left to right) Gabe Hurrish (South Sudan); Angelica Ruppe (Tanzania); Kathleen Flatoff (Kenya). These new missioners began serving in Brazil, Cambodia, Kenya, South Sudan, and Tanzania in early 2018.